Weber Summit S-470 LP 7170001 Propane Gas Grill Review

Weber Summit S-470 LP 7170001 Propane Gas Grill Review
Weber Summit S-470 LP 7170001 Propane Gas Grill Review
High-quality materials backed by 10-year warranty
Rotisserie and smoker included9mm stainless steel grill grates
Side table burners
Comes preassembled
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Weber Summit S-470 LP Gas Grill, 7170001

 Key Features

Backyard chefs are often forced to debate between the various features they want in a gas grill. It’s rare to find one that can truly do everything you want.

As one of the most trusted names in backyard cooking appliances, Weber proudly stepped up to the challenge of providing the market with a truly comprehensive gas grill. The Summit S-470 echoes Weber’s dedication to quality throughout in its painted steel body with ample cart storage space. The lid and side tables are made from high-quality stainless steel and have cast aluminum end caps for maximum support.

One side table has a 12,000 BTU burner element that is set up to handle pots and pans when you want to prepare side dishes at the grill. The other side table can be set up to act as a sear box. When you don’t want to use these features they are tucked away inside flush mounted covers.

Inside the firebox, there are four independently controlled propane burners. Each produces 10,000 BTUs of heat. It also comes with a 6,500 BTU integrated burner that is designed to be used with a smoker box. In the rear of the cook box is an infrared burner which can be used in conjunction with a rotisserie, which is included in the purchase.

All these burners are lit by Weber’s Snap-Jet ignition system. There is also a back-lit propane tank gauge, so you can monitor how much fuel you have left in the tank. The handle also includes LED lights, which turn on when you lift the lid to illuminate the food on the grill.

Construction & Ease of Assembly

Weber did their very best to infuse every aspect of the Summit S-470 with quality. The materials they used are the top of scale for outdoor cooking appliances. This is further backed up by Weber’s superior warranty program.

Weber also recognizes that when you make a major investment in a grill that you want to use it as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to spend endless hours putting it together, scraping your knuckles and inventing new four-letter words for your kids to repeat at school.

To that end, the Weber Summit comes preassembled. There are few odds and ends that need to be put in place which will take you all of about five minutes! This is nearly unheard of with competitor grills who typically charge you a fee for expert assembly. Even then, you have to wait around while someone else puts your grill together for you.

Grilling Performance

The Weber Summit is perhaps the most versatile gas grill in the market. It can sear with direct heat. It can smoke to produce near competition level barbecue, and it can also be set up as a rotisserie. The integrated burners hidden in the side shelves

As a traditional gas grill for direct fire cooking, the four independently controlled propane burners produce 10,000 BTUs each. At first glance, this is a little bit less than the average 12,000 BTUs you find with some of the other high-end competitor units in this price range.

However, Weber compensates for this with 9-millimeter stainless steel rods that make up the grill grates. When the grill is given 10 to 12 minutes to properly preheat, these rods absorb the heat to impart it directly to the meat for superior grill marks.

Under the grill grates, you will find Weber’s patented Flavorizer bars. These metal sheets actively vaporize drippings for added smoky aroma, while also protecting the burner element’s flame ports.

As a smoker, the 6,500 BTU burner element and smoker box do a very good job of releasing just the right amount of smoke you want to prepare ribs, brisket, or smoked pork shoulder. It really shines when you want to gently smoke large fish fillets or something like shell-on shrimp.

The BTU output might be a little under-gunned if you wanted to smoke on a cold or windy day. If the thermometer in the thermometer on the lid shows that it’s having a hard time maintaining a temperature above 225, you can just turn on one of the other burner elements to pump a little more heat into the smoking chamber.

The fact that the rotisserie comes with grill is also something to take note of. Not all competitors in this class can accept a rotisserie. Even the ones that do, typically offer it as an additional accessory that you have to purchase separately.

The best way to use the rotisserie is to first activate the infrared burner. Let it heat the meat for 20 to 25 minutes. You can then finish it by firing up two of the grill’s standard propane burners. A heavy-duty aluminum foil baking pan under the birds loaded with quartered red potatoes and onions would also be a nice touch.

Grilling Areas

The 9-millimeter stainless steel rods of the grill grates measures in at 580-square inches. This is more than enough room to grill six ribeye steaks at the same time, without crowding them.

When it’s set up as a smoker there is enough space to accommodate a large brisket or up to four pork shoulders. With careful placement or cutting them into portions, you could potentially smoke three or maybe four racks of pork spare ribs.

The heavy duty rotisserie is able to accommodate two broiler-frying chickens.

The 112 square inch warming rack is a little on the small side. You could just as easily leave it out and hold over foods that get done early inside a heavy duty aluminum foil pouch.

Special Features

The burners hidden in the side tables allow you to sear, saute, boil, and prepare all your side dishes without having to run back and forth to the kitchen.

The backlit LED tank gauge is relatively rare and very handy for making sure that you have enough propane on hand for what you intend to grill.

The fact that the rotisserie is included is a nice touch that you rarely see in competitor grills. One minor flaw is the lack of a counterweight. Still, you will likely never notice it.

The handle lights are especially handy if you need to grill after dark. They turn on whenever the lid is lifted and shine down on the food without shining in your eyes.

The integrated 6500 BTU burner for the smoker box is a nice touch. It’s essentially Weber’s nod to people who occasionally like to smoke meat and enjoy a little classic barbecue.

Ease to Clean

The way you sit up the Summit will influence just how much work it is to clean. If you don’t put some kind of drippings pan under the rotisserie it will be a nightmare to clean.

When you use it as a direct fire grill, the flavorizer bars vaporize most of the drippings. The stainless steel bars of the grill grates can be a little bit sticky. They will need a good scrape down.

As a smoker, the thing that takes the most cleaning is the wood chip box. It can help to slide a little aluminum foil under the bottom when you lift it to reduce ash and spent coals from falling out.


The Weber summit backed by a superior 10-year warranty on all parts. This excludes normal wear and tear and assumes responsible use.


Weber knows that if you are going to make a long-term investment in a gas grill, that you want quality as well as versatility. They deliver it in spades with the Summit. Just read the manual for tips on making the transition from grill, rotisserie, and smoker, to ensure that it’s set up properly.

10 Total Score
Weber's top of the line gas grill

  • High-quality materials backed by 10-year warranty
  • Rotisserie and smoker included9mm stainless steel grill grates
  • Side table burners
  • Comes preassembled
  • Small warming rack
  • Sticky grates
  • Small drippings tray
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$2,995.00 1 new from $2,995.00
in stock
Weber Summit S-470 LP Gas Grill, 7170001
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