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Napoleon NK22CK-L-1 Charcoal Kettle Grill Review

Key Features Napoleon is a company that prides itself on offering quality grills. Sometimes this means they are designing their own grill from scratch. With some of their grills like with the NK22CK-L-1, they borrow from the successful design of other manufacturers and add their own high-quality ...

Napoleon T495SBNK Triumph Natural Gas with 4 Burners Review

Key Features Natural gas grills continue to increase in demand as the provider market place continues to expand. For gas grilling enthusiasts looking who prize efficiency and size, combined with visual appeal, Napoleon offers their T495SBNK Triumph. The grill is set up to use natural gas and ...

Napoleon TQ285X TravelQ 285 Portable Gas Review

Key Features Gas grills continue to grow in popularity for their ease of use and minimal cleanup. This has quickly brought propane grills into territory previously only thought of for charcoal units, which includes portable grills for tailgating, camping, and trips to the beach, while also being ...

Napoleon Prestige Pro P500RSIB Gas Grill Review

Key Features Infrared grilling continues to grow in popularity with outdoor cooking enthusiasts who cherish the ability to create a steakhouse level sear on the meats they prepare. The Napoleon Prestige P500 RSIB Propane Gas Grill incorporates the ease and convenience of a propane grill, while ...

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