Summerset Grills “The Oven” SS-OVFS-LP Outdoor Gas Oven Review

Summerset Grills “The Oven” SS-OVFS-LP Outdoor Gas Oven Review
Summerset Grills “The Oven” SS-OVFS-LP Outdoor Gas Oven Review
304 stainless steel construction
Versatile for pizza, smoking, and baking
Viewing window with internal halogen light
Superior warranty coverage
Storage for LP tank in cart base
Includes several accessories

Outdoor ovens are becoming increasingly popular. Especially for people who want to make restaurant-quality pizzas in their own backyard. The problem with outdoor pizza ovens is that they tend to be “On-Trick Ponies.” At best you can maybe bake a pie or slide a cookie sheet into them, and they aren’t good for much else.

Summerset Grills is a reorganized company that has absorbed units from other lines like Pacific Living. Their primary focus is in offering high-quality cooking appliances, and outdoor grills like their SS-OVFS-LP Outdoor Freestanding Large Capacity Gas Oven.

It’s designed to run on propane, but there are natural gas versions available that don’t require you to install a conversion kit. It’s made largely from 304 commercial grade stainless steel which gives this oven and grill an impressive gleam in your outdoor kitchen, while also imbuing it with superior rust and corrosion resistance.

The internal propane burner is rated to produce up to 16,000 BTUs per hour, which is then concentrated by the double-thick walls of the cooking chamber and refracted by the domed ceiling shape. This gives the Summerset Grills SS-OVFS-LP at a maximum temperature range of up to 700-degrees. There is also a reliable electric ignition system.

Inside there are two racks, with three adjustable positions, as well as a bright halogen light. It also comes with a smoker box for wood chips, a flame tamer, grease tray, and large pizza stone as well as a cover.

Construction & Ease of Assembly

This is a truly high-quality outdoor gas oven that was also designed to be versatile. It’s made primarily from 304 commercial grade stainless steel, with thoughtful engineering and an eye toward convenience. The double-walled construction and domed ceiling maximize the thermal efficiency of the 16,000 BTU stainless steel burner element.

The flame tamers help to evenly distribute the heat throughout the cooking chamber. At the same time, any drippings that fall onto them tend to vaporize to provide a little kick of smoky flavor.

The cart base is also designed to securely hold a 25-pound LP tank with a dedicated connection.

The oven itself comes completely assembled. The cart, however, needs quite a bit of complex assembly. Thankfully Summerset Grills took the time to make the instructions very easy to read. Just note that it does weigh in at a grand total of 154 pounds.

So, it’s definitely the sort of thing you want to recruit a friend to help you put it together. With another pair of capable hands and a basic home tool kit you should be able to get the Summerset Grills SS-OVFS-LP Outdoor Gas Oven put together in around an hour to an hour and a half. Just make sure to place it near a source of electricity to power the internal halogen light.

Grilling Performance

Just because this oven comes with a pizza stone and is geared to produce a temperature that perfectly caters to outdoor pizza baking, shouldn’t lure you into thinking it’s limited to that arena. In fact, there’s enough vertical room and optional extras that you can do a lot of things that might just make some of your other outdoor cooking appliances obsolete.

This is thanks in part to the overall internal volume and headroom. This propane oven can even be used to hold a holiday turkey, duck, or goose, which would then free up your kitchen oven for making other side dishes.

It also comes with a smoker box that has been specifically designed for holding wood chips. This means you can do things like smoke a chicken or a turkey to later be sliced for sandwiches. If you’re really ambitious, you could even put a pork shoulder or two racks of portion-cut ribs. Add a few wet hickory chips, or ground wine barrel wood and you can turn out the kind of competition-level barbecue that will have purist turning their heads.

The window in the door and the bright internal halogen light let you watch what’s going on inside. Just bear in mind that the more smoking you do, the more likely that window is to cloud up.

Special Features

The pizza stone and smoker box that come with the Summerset Grills SS-OVFS-LP certainly add to the overall versatility. The cover is also a nice touch to ensure the long-term gleam of the 304 stainless steel.

The window with the internal halogen light also lets you watch what’s going on inside. It might even give you a nice little conversation starter at your next cookout.

Ease to Clean

The Summerset Grills SS-OVFS-LP is very easy to clean. Drippings are diverted down to the large grease pan for quick, easy disposal. The stainless steel racks are removable to let you scrape them down at an angle. It might be best to use a nylon-bristle grill brush to minimize the scraping that can happen when you use steel wool.

The grate can be a little sticky for lean meat and skin-on poultry. Lightly glazing them with oil a moment or two before placing the meat will inevitably reduce the amount of scraping you need to do later.


The Summerset Grills SS-OVFS-LP comes with a multi-tiered limited warranty. This includes a 5-year warranty on workmanship on The Oven covering construction and materials. There is also a 3-year warranty on the stainless steel burner. A 1-year warranty covers all internal parts, grates, burner covers, igniter, light and external parts.


If you are looking for a high-quality outdoor oven to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level, then the Summerset Grills SS-OVFS-LP deserves a good hard look. It has the design and features to be more than just a pizza oven. You can even use it to smoke meat, make baked goods, and even braise a stew in a cast-iron Dutch oven.


9.5 Total Score
A high quality, versatile gas oven for an outdoor kitchen

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Versatile for pizza, smoking, and baking
  • Viewing window with internal halogen light
  • Superior warranty coverage
  • Storage for LP tank in cart base
  • Includes several accessories
  • Very heavy assembly
  • Needs power source for halogen light
  • Grates can be a little sticky
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