Razor GGC2030M 25″ Portable Gas Griddle Review

Razor GGC2030M 25″ Portable Gas Griddle Review
Razor GGC2030M 25″ Portable Gas Griddle Review
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Razor Griddle GGC2030M 25 Inch Outdoor 2 Burner Portable LP...

If there is a VEN diagram where one circle represents people who love to cook on a griddle, and another circle that represents the portability of a gas grill, then the place where these two circles meet would have the Razor Griddle GGC2030M sitting smack dab in the middle of the overlapping area.

It offers a 25-inch flat top griddle, which is enough to make an average breakfast for a family of four that needs to cook while camping. Yet it is also lightweight enough for a single person to carry, and even comes with a collapsible base with large, easy-to-roll wheels.

With portability in mind, the Razor Gas Griddle was originally designed to run off a 1-pound DOT 39 propane cylinder. Though you can just as easily attach an adaptor hose to let you connect it to a 20-pound liquid propane tank. This makes it easy to take with you tailgating before the big game or able to connect to the propane system at your campsite or RV.

If there is a complaint in the material build quality it’s the connection for the one-pound propane canister. Like a lot of connections like this, it is somewhat flimsy and it sort of leaves the canister dangling at the side of the gas griddle.

The rolled steel griddle top on the Razor Gas Griddle needs a hydrocarbon seasoning layer to keep food from sticking. Properly maintaining this seasoning layer will also help to enhance the flavor of the foods you prepare on it.

Construction & Ease of Assembly

The material build quality of the Razor Gas Griddle is impressive for a portable gas griddle of this size and price. There is stainless steel in all the places you want it to be and not in the places where it doesn’t belong. The caveat in all this is that you have to be vigilant about maintaining the seasoning layer of the steel of the flat top griddle. If you don’t rust and corrosion can set in, which will knock down your return on investment.

One of the other things you should appreciate about the Razor Gas Griddle is that it comes with a hinged lid included. This isn’t always the case with the shoulder-to-shoulder competitors in this niche and will go a long way toward helping you preserve the seasoning layer on the flat top. It also adds a little versatility to what you can cook on it.

Assembly is a little bit more of a chore with the Razor Gas Griddle, as is the case with most portable grills that have the moving parts of a rolling cart base. Still, if you dragoon a handy friend into helping you, the who process of putting it together shouldn’t take more than an hour or so.

Grilling Performance

The 20,000 BTU heat output on the Razor Gas Griddle is right on par for what you want to see in a quality gas griddle. This will give you more than enough heat to make all your favorite breakfast foods as well as sear a steak or some chops.

If there is a complaint with the grilling performance, it’s that the 25-inch flat top simply isn’t large enough to create two cooking zones. The heat will spread out across the steel griddle surface leaving you with one single temperature and no real “Warming Area.” Though this is what you would expect in a compact portable gas griddle.

One of the great, if perhaps underappreciated things about the Razor Gas Griddle is that it comes with a lid. While this goes a long way toward protecting the seasoning layer on the steel surface of the griddle, it also lets you cook foods on lower heat. Suddenly things like bone-in chicken become possible with the lid closed. Not to mention the ability to properly melt a slice of cheese on multiple hamburger patties at one time without burning the bottom of the burger patty while you wait.

Grilling Areas

The steel flat top griddle of the Razor Gas Griddle offers up 318 square inches of cooking space. This is enough to make a breakfast of pancakes and sausages for a family of two adults and two children, or enough real estate to make four large hamburger patties at a time.

Special Features

The lid on the Razor Gas Griddle lets you hold the heat in, which makes it possible to cook a bone-in piece of chicken on medium-low heat as well as melt cheese on a burger patty in a timely matter.

Ease to Clean

Maintaining the seasoning layer on the steel flat top griddle is the most important part of cleaning up the Razor Gas Griddle. Make sure to take the time to read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them closely.

You also need to keep an eye out for the grease port, to make sure it doesn’t clog while cooking and make sure it is completely free of debris when you are done.

Remember to always empty, wash and dry the grease collector before collapsing the wheel cart base. The last thing you want is a greasy mess in the back of your pickup or SUV.


The Razor Gas Griddle comes with a 1-year warranty. This is about average for gas griddles in this niche as most have either a one-year comprehensive warranty or a three-year limited warranty. If you’d like more assurance, there are some online vendors that offer affordably priced three and four-year protection plans.


The Razor Gas Griddle is a rare portable gas griddle that is easy to move and well-constructed. It’s light enough for one person to load and collapses easily into a wheeled cart. The lid adds to the versatility without taking away its ability to be a great tailgating or camping griddle. Just make sure to properly maintain the seasoning later on the steel flat top, and either use a larger propane tank with an adapter hose or come up with a conscious way to keep the one-pound propane cylinder from dangling off the side of the grill while using it.


$249.99 1 used from $234.88 1 new from $249.99
in stock
Razor Griddle GGC2030M 25 Inch Outdoor 2 Burner Portable LP...
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