NomadiQ Tabletop Portable Propane Gas Grill Review

NomadiQ Tabletop Portable Propane Gas Grill Review
NomadiQ Tabletop Portable Propane Gas Grill Review

Portable grills are very popular with campers, travelers, and people who want to enjoy a long day at the beach without having to run out for lunch. Not to mention tailgaters who love to get the day started by grilling up their lunch in the parking lot before heading into the stadium to catch the big game.

While charcoal portable grills have their own traditional loyal following, they have been fast falling out of favor in place of safe, effective, and portable gas grills like the NOMADIQ 762253914873 Portable Propane Gas Grill. At first glance, you’ll note that it’s not just “Portable” this gas grill is compact. Though you shouldn’t let that lead you into thinking that it’s limited. In fact, it’s so popular the manufacturer has updated it into this newest incarnation with a few engineering upgrades.

While it only weighs 12-pounds, the nomadiQ portable gas grill still offers up to 226 square inches of grilling space. The way it opens like a clamshell even allows you to set each side up at a different temperature.

It’s also worth noting that the updated grill grates on the nomadiQ are coated in a protective ceramic porcelain material. Not only does this give them semi-non-stick properties, but it also means you can clean stuck-on material, like dried-on marinade by soaking them in warm, soapy water. The protective coating will prevent rust while boosting the overall lifespan of the grates.

Construction & Ease of Assembly

For a compact portable grill with a fair number of moving parts, the nomadiQ is relatively durable. The manufacturer worked out the kinks to create a grill that can handle a few bumps and bonks in the back of your SUV, and still leave you with a functional gas grill when you get to where you are going. The grill body itself was designed to cool down relatively quickly, which is handy if you need to pack up quickly after eating to leave the beach or head in to get to your seats before kickoff.

There is little to do in the way of assembly beyond carefully unboxing the nomadiQ and setting the grates in place. You should be able to have it ready for the first fire-up in less than a minute.

One thing to be mindful of with the engineering and design of the nomadiQ is that the base is a little tippy. They did their best to make expandable feet in this update, but you still need to make sure you are putting it on a firm surface and flipping meat gently to prevent an accidental tip over.

Grilling Performance

Right off the bat, one of the things you’ll notice is that each side of the nomadiQ has burner ratings for 5,000 BTUs per hour. In a larger grill, this might be taken as a sign of weak heat production, though in a compact grill like this, I think you’ll find more than enough thermal production to make burgers and brats or even sear off some chops.

The more important concern is that the 5,000 BTU burners can be prone to blowing out in a strong wind. So, if it’s a windy day, try to position the nomadiQ gas grill in a spot that’s protected from direct gusts. This will spare you having to re-light one or both burners in the middle of a grilling session.

When it comes to what it can cook. The nomadiQ was clearly designed for meats that cook quickly over direct flame. This includes things like burger patties, bratwursts, and hot dogs. You could even make some nice kabobs. It’s not meant for meats that need low heat and longer cooking times like bone-in pieces of chicken.

One of the other updates for this grill is an accessory griddle plate. It’s an additional purchase in this package, but it lets you swap one of the grill grates out for a handy flattop griddle. Great for people who want to use this as a camp griddle to make bacon or pancakes.

You might be tempted to turn down one of the burners to use it as a warming zone, though the 5,000 BTU output of each element, probably isn’t best for something like this. There’s a risk of dialing it down too low to the point that the liquid propane produces a yellow flame. This is a sign that the gas isn’t fully oxidizing and might leave an artificial butane flavor on the surface of the meat.

Grilling Areas

Combined the two ceramic-coated grill grates on the nomadiQ offer a grand total of 226 square inches. This is more than enough to cook hamburger patties for two to three people or bratwursts and hot dogs for four to five people.

Special Features

The compact design and the engineering behind it are essentially the “Special Feature” of the nomadiQ. It only weighs 12-pounds and collapses down into a clamshell with a built-in handle for easy transport.

Ease to Clean

For such a small portable gas grill the nomadiQ is relatively easy to clean. The grill grates have a special porcelain ceramic coating on them that protects the metal. This lets you scrape away at it aggressively. If something does get stuck on the grates, you can simply remove them and soak in warm soapy water to release the stuck-on material. You can trust the ceramic coating to protect the metal.

One thing you do need to be mindful of when cleaning up the nomadiQ is any grease that lingers in the dual fire boxes. While there are drip trays to catch the bulk of grease and marinade, it’s a good idea to let the grates cool down, and wipe out the lingering drips in the clamshell section of the grill before closing it tightly.


The comes with a multi-tier warranty. The base and the grill panels are covered for 5 years, and there are 2 years of warranty coverage on the paint with the exception of fading or discoloration. The stainless steel burner tubes also come with 5 years of warranty coverage.


If you are looking for a compact portable gas grill that’s easy to take with you just about anywhere, then the nomadiQ deserves a good look. If you also want a gas grill that can be used for making breakfast, it becomes even handier if you make the small investment in a pair of griddle plates. Just be gentle with it when flipping food, position it thoughtfully out of the wind and make sure to wipe out any lingering grease out of the firebox when cleaning it.


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