My Hibachi BBQ Built-In 3-in-1 Hibachi Griddle , Stove Top & Gas Grill Review

My Hibachi BBQ Built-In 3-in-1 Hibachi Griddle , Stove Top & Gas Grill Review
My Hibachi BBQ Built-In 3-in-1 Hibachi Griddle , Stove Top & Gas Grill Review
3-in-1 versatility
Can be used for wok cooking
Hibachi griddle plate and grill grids included
304 stainless steel construction

Asian cooking styles are becoming increasingly popular in Western culture, with Hibachi style direct heat grilling being one of the leading trends. This My Hibachi Hibachi 3 in 1 gas grill was designed for versatility. On its own, you can use it as a direct flame stovetop, or you can install a Hibachi griddle plate or set it up as an open-flame grill.

This drop-in gas grill is set up to only burn propane. It comes with a hose and regulator. You cannot burn natural gas on it safely. Inside the firebox are two 10,000 BTU round burner elements which produce a total of 20,000 BTUs of consistent heat per hour.

It has independent controls that let you set each burner up to create dual heat zones. There’s also an electric ignition system that spares you having to fiddle around with matches or a stick lighter.

There is also a thoughtfully designed grease management system with an easy to pour away drippings cup.

Construction & Ease of Assembly

Largely made from 304 stainless steel, this drop-in Hibachi grill has an unmistakable gleam to it. Overall the components have quality worth the value. Though the price tag on this grill is a little on the high side.

It comes fully assembled right out of the box. The gas hose and regulator included in the purchase is also a nice touch, and not always something you find with drop-in grills of this size. Though you sort of expect it at this price point.

It weighs in at a hefty 94 pounds. So, if you are going to install it yourself in an outdoor kitchen, you really want to recruit an extra pair of hands to help you. It has exactly the sort of weight and edges to cause some serious finger trauma if mishandled. This is one of those times where you’re riding the line between being able to do it yourself or needing to hire a licensed contractor.

This drop-in hibachi grill’s dimensions measure in at 35-inches long by 20.5-inches wide and H10.75-inches high.

The lack of a lid is a little bit of an issue with this grill. Ideally, you want to pick your installation spot wisely to limit the risk of rain infiltrating the cooking box when not in use. If possible install it under a roof or a pavilion area to keep it safe.

Grilling Performance

The My Hibachi 3 in 1 Gas Grill was designed to have a little more versatility than most standard hibachi-style grills. On its own, you can use the two 10,000 BTU burners as a standard outdoor cooktop. With a wok ring, you could even do some great wok stir-fries. Just make sure you are using a heavy-duty carbon-steel wok, and give it time to fully come up to heat. A flimsy aluminum wok might not be able to absorb enough heat from the 10,000 BTU burner.

The 10,000 BTU per hour rating is a little on the weak side for traditional wok cooking, which usually calls for 20,000 BTUs from a single burner. Still with proper preheating and thick gauge metal you can still pull off a successful stir fry.

You can also set this grill up to be an open-flame grill. Though I think you’ll find there are some hot and hot spots produced by the round burner elements.

It’s when you install the hibachi griddle plate that this grill starts to come into its own. With a good 7 to 10-minute preheating the heat will diffuse across the griddle surface. You can then start to do things like sear off yakitori, make kabobs, or experiment with a wide range of direct heat Asian cooking styles. With a cast iron pan you could even start playing around with potstickers.

The lack of a lid is a little bit of an issue when you use it as a direct flame grill. You can’t really do things like make bone-in cuts of chicken or attempt to use it with a wood chip box, without improvising.

Grilling Areas

The Built-in Hibachi 3 in 1 Gas Grill offers 540 square inches of grilling space. Though a fair majority of the highest heat potential is limited to the areas around the two round burner elements.

Special Features

The interchangeable hibachi griddle plate, and the ability to multitask this gas grill for open flame and cooktop range applications add to the overall versatility.

Ease to Clean

My Hibachi is relatively easy to clean thanks to its built-in grease management system, with it’s easy to pull out grease channels and the large drippings tray.

When you set it up as a grill, it’s possible for things like marinade drippings to caramelize enough to clog a fire port. Should this happen you can just use a wood grill skewer to clear it away after you are done cooking.


Technically the My Hibachi 3-in-1 gas grill comes with a lifetime warranty. However, it’s an international manufacturer, so if you need to make a warranty claim, you could be looking at a long wait when it comes to shipping replacement parts.


If you are thinking about installing an outdoor kitchen, or you want to do some grill side cooking demonstrations, then you might be in the market for a hibachi gas grill like this one. It is relatively versatile in that you can use it as an open flame grill, a hibachi griddle or a cooktop range, as well as a wok station.

Just make sure you are fully thinking through the installation location and process. If you are going to install it yourself, you absolutely need at least one if not two people to help you. Though it might be wise to simply call on the services of a licensed, experienced contractor.


7.5 Total Score
Drop-in Hibachi-style gas grill

  • 3-in-1 versatility
  • Can be used for wok cooking
  • Hibachi griddle plate and grill grids included
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Prone to hot and cold spots
  • Just barely hot enough for a wok
  • Heavy and needs help with installation
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