Louisiana Grills 51900 Country Super Hog Smokers Wood Pellet Grill Review

Louisiana Grills 51900 Country Super Hog Smokers Wood Pellet Grill Review
Louisiana Grills 51900 Country Super Hog Smokers Wood Pellet Grill Review
Two separate wood pellet grills
Removable divider to use them as one
Up to 3,105 total square inches
Dual digital controls
Limited lifetime warranty

Louisiana Grills has slowly built a reputation for high-quality grills and smokers at every level. Their 51900 Country Super Hog Smokers, Wood pellet grill was designed to being able to truly handle smoking a whole hog. Yet you can just as easily insert a divider to separate the two smoking chambers for times when you just need to cook for your family of four.

This is essentially two wood pellet grills that are married together. Each side has its own independent hopper with pellet purge. Each has its own drippings cup and adjustable grates as well as their own digital control centers. This allows you to leave the divider in place to create two distinct temperature chambers with their own smoke characteristics.

With the divider in place, each side offers an impressive 1,671 square inches of grilling space, for 3,342 square inches with the divider removed. Even if you aren’t smoking a whole hog, you can insert the accessory racks that are included in the purchase to enjoy a staggering 3,105 square inches from the dual chambers.

Construction & Ease of Assembly

Louisiana Grills has a reputation for robust high-quality materials and engineering principles that you see infused into every unit in their line. You see this shine through with the 51900 Country Super Hog Smokers, Wood Pellet Grill.

It has features solid steel construction throughout, which you see reflected in the staggeringly heavy 523-pound dry weight of this wood pellet grill. The removable divider even does a good job of sealing the two chambers apart for the times when you want to smoke at two different temperatures.

Each chamber has its own independent digital control system, drippings cut, and large-capacity hopper. It really is like getting two wood pellet grills in one. Yet you can still wheel it around on its sturdy cart base. Just don’t plan on moving it over uneven deck boards or a cobbled patio.

For all the quality and thoughtful design, the Louisiana Grills 51900 Country Super Hog doesn’t have any sort of WiFi, Bluetooth, or wireless app integration. There is just the digital control center with a heat probe. Technically Louisiana Grills doesn’t use wireless connectivity in any of their grills or smokers, as some type of “Brand Image.” Still, at this price point, it would’ve been nice to see them stray away from this principle like almost every other competitor in this price range.

When it comes to assembly, you can well imagine that this will be a labor of love. You have to also take into account that this grill weighs 523 pounds. So, your chances of putting it together on your own are pretty challenging. It’s the sort of thing that you want to recruit a pair of your buddies to help with.

The instructions are relatively easy to read. With tools, you already have in your toolbox and some basic mechanical skills it should take you a little over three hours to fully put together.

Grilling Performance

The number of racks you install and the removable divider let you transform the Louisiana Grills 51900 Country Super Hog Wood Pellet Smoker into a variety of configurations. Even if you only fire up one of the two chambers you still have 1,671 square inches to play with. This is more than enough room to prepare food for a large gathering.

With the divider in place you can set up the chambers at two separate temperatures. For example, you could set one to a high temperature around 400-degrees to grill country sausages or hamburger patties. Then you can set the other one slow and low to smoke brisket, pork shoulders, or even multiple whole turkeys.

When you remove the divider the two chambers can act as one. Though you will need to dial in the two digital control centers to run at the same temperature. At this point, you have more than enough grilling space to handle a modest-sized whole hog. Though fitting it in place can be a little bit of a challenge, but still doable.

Some barbecue purists complain that the hardwood shavings used in wood pellets don’t have the same character as traditional smoking woods. Louisiana Grills take this to heart and now offer wood pellets with a wide range of traditional smoking woods including mesquite, applewood, cherry, and Georgia pecan.

Grilling Areas

A single smoking chamber set up with its accessory racks offers up to 1,671 square inches, or 3,105 square inches combined.

Special Features

The Louisiana Grills 51900 Country Super Hog Wood Pellet Grill is somewhat straight forward, in that it has a lot of the basic characteristics you find with other high-value wood pellet grills.

The removable divider allows you to use it as two independent wood pellet smokers, or as one large “Whole Hog” smoker.

Ease to Clean

With a wood pellet smoker this large, there’s always going to be some extra elbow grease in cleaning it up. During a long smoking session, the drippings cup can potentially overflow, especially if you are mopping your hog along the way. So, make sure to keep an eye on both of them.

When you are done smoking, you’ll need to scrape down the grill grates. Then pour off the reusable drippings cup and clear away ash from the internal firepot with a shop vac.

Once you’ve cleaned up the cooking spaces of the Super Hog, you can turn to empty the hopper with the special pellet purge system.


The Louisiana Grills 51900 Country Super Hog Smokers, Wood Pellet Grill is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, which is what you want to see in a large smoker with a premium price tag.


If you are looking to make a competition level whole hog, then you need to be willing to invest in the right equipment. Yet the removable divider and dual digital controls, with separate hoppers, also allows you to use the Louisiana Grills Super Hog as if it was two separate wood pellet grills.

The lack of wireless connectivity and apps feels like a little bit of a miss at this price point, but by no means is it a deal-breaker.


9 Total Score
Whole Hog Wood Pellet Smoker With Two Chambers

  • Two separate wood pellet grills
  • Removable divider to use them as one
  • Up to 3,105 total square inches
  • Dual digital controls
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • No wireless connectivity features
  • No companion app
  • Heavy and requires a lot of assembly
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