Giantex OP3243 Propane Tabletop Gas Grill Review

Giantex OP3243 Propane Tabletop Gas Grill Review
Giantex OP3243 Propane Tabletop Gas Grill Review
Meets CSA safety standards
430 stainless steel construction
Capable of dual heat zones
Locking lid and folding legs
Only weighs 26-pounds

One of the big knocks on portable gas grills is that they are usually good at searing food on direct heat, but not always so good at medium and low heat foods, like bone-in chicken. Giantex attempts to take on this critique with their OP3243 Propane Tabletop gas grill.

It’s made almost entirely from 430 stainless steel. This includes the grill grates as well as the two 10,000 BTU burner elements. Each propane burner is operated independently with its own twist and push ignition system.

Of course, Giantex doesn’t lose sight of the fact that a portable grill needs to be easy to pack and move, while also storing conveniently. To that end, they designed the OP3243 with foldable legs and a lockable lid. It only weighs in at a very easy to move 26-pounds.

The lid has a thermometer built into it, which is somewhat rare in this class of grill and price point. It’s also taller and domed more than many of the competitors. This makes it easier to set the grill to low heat for hybrid grilling or cooking bone-in cuts of meat, without burning the exterior.

Construction & Ease of Assembly

Giantex made an interesting choice in using 430 stainless steel. Many other grills in this price range are made from 304 stainless steel, which is arguably a little more rigid and has less of an impact on the final price tag. 430 is slightly softer than 304 but it has much better corrosion resistance. It’s higher chromium amount also means it polishes to a very attractive gleam.

When it comes to the structural aspects of the components and engineering design, the Giantex OP3243 is robust. The firebox is deeper than most of the competition in this class, which means it’s less likely to have problems with wind. The inclusion of a thermometer in the lid is also a nice touch that you don’t always find with a grill in this category.

One important thing to note with the Giantex OP3243 is that it isn’t designed to run off a direct connect 1-pound gas cylinder. Instead, it comes with a 40-inch hose with a coupler for a larger LP tank.

This is a matter of personal preference. Some prefer the ability to connect the grill to a larger tank, or something like an RV’s propane system. While others want to be able to screw the DOT 39 one-pound cylinder on for maximum portability. If you do want to use a one-pound canister, you can find an adaptor pretty cheap.

It’s also worth noting that this grill meets CSA safety standards. Which is thanks in part to the propane hose included in the standard design.

Assembly is minimal with the Giantex OP3243. With some basic household tools, you should be able to put it together in less than half an hour.

Grilling Performance

This grill has two independently controlled stainless steel propane burners. Each is rated to produce 10,000 BTU’s There’s also enough space across the grill grates for you to create dual heat zones for hybrid grilling.

To do this, you need to set up one burner on medium flame and leaving the other off. Place the food over the cooler side of the grate and close the lid. The angles of the lid will then circulate heat to cook the meat without burning the exterior.

If you are making something bone-in like a stuffed pork chop, you should set it so that the bone is closer to the heat source.

Grilling Areas

The stainless steel grill grates measure in at 20.5-inches by 13-inches for a spacious 266.5 square inches of grilling space.

There isn’t a warming rack to speak of. However, there’s enough space on the grates that you could potentially cook over one section and any food that gets done early could be put over the other burner turned off. Then just wrap it in heavy-duty aluminum foil to keep it warm while everything else finishes cooking.

Special Features

The dynamics of the lid and the built-in thermometer help set the Giantex OP3243 apart from a fair number of the competitors. The fact that it locks securely and the legs fold in is also a nice touch for the times when you want to move this 26-pound portable grill around.

The 40-inch propane hose to connect to a larger tank or an in-board propane system is also something rare. For some people, this is a major bonus, while some would rather just connect the one-pounder and go.

Ease to Clean

Giantex put some thought into making the OP3243. You see this most in the concealed grease tray and the way the firebox directs drippings toward it.

Still, the stainless steel grates are going to be a little sticky. So be prepared to give them a good scrape down after grilling or hedge your bets by lightly greasing lean cuts of meat.

It would have been nice if Giantex had included flame tamers to prevent dripping from potentially blocking a flame port. If you do get a little bit of caramelized goo on a flame port, just give it a little poke with a toothpick once the grill cools down.


The Giantex OP3243 comes with 1-year of warranty coverage against manufacturer defects.


For the money, this is a quality portable gas grill that ticks all the CSA safety boxes. It’s lightweight and designed for easy portability. Yet it doesn’t sacrifice grilling quality. The Giantex OP3243 isn’t just a one-trick pony that can only sear off burgers and hot dogs.

It’s versatile enough to do anything you would expect a smaller grill to do. It might even be the perfect fit for someone with a small patio space, who wants to take their grill with them camping or tailgating.

8 Total Score
Well-designed portable gas grill

  • Meets CSA safety standards
  • 430 stainless steel construction
  • Capable of dual heat zones
  • Locking lid and folding legs
  • Only weighs 26-pounds
  • No flame tamers
  • The hose isn't setup for a 1-pound cylinder
  • Grill grates are sticky
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