Giantex KC42178 1350W Indoor / Outdoor Electric BBQ Grill Review

Giantex KC42178 1350W Indoor / Outdoor Electric BBQ Grill Review
Giantex KC42178 1350W Indoor / Outdoor Electric BBQ Grill Review
Can be used indoors and outdoors
Large internal collection bowl
Built-in griddle space for sides
Integrated condiment tray on the base
Easy to read instruction and assembly

Electric grills started becoming popular in the 1990s, as nichrome heating elements started becoming affordable for retail level appliances. They work on the same basic principles as any other electrical resistor. As current passes through the alloy heating elements it is resisted to a modest degree. This, in turn, causes heat, which can be transferred to a non-stick cooking surface.

The first electric grills to emerge onto the scene we’re essentially clamshell or contact grills. They were very popular on shopping networks and eventually found a home in online retail sales. Just like most products that are “New On The Scene,” they had a few faults. Shallow dripping pans that flowed over and non-stick cooking grids that damaged easily or weren’t really all that non-stick started to Mar the early reputation of electric grills.

In recent years technology and manufacturing techniques have significantly improved electric grills. This is a major benefit for condo and apartment dwellers who typically aren’t allowed to grill with gas or traditional charcoal grills.

The Giantex KC42178 1350W Electric BBQ Grill makes a strong effort toward bringing electric grills into vogue. It is rated to draw 1350 Watts which gives it the ability to sear steaks and hamburgers. The four setting heat controls also allow you to dial the heat down enough to slowly grill meats that take more time like chicken thighs.

The 18-inch diameter grill grate provides 213 square inches of non-stick grilling space. A full third of which is flat, which can be used just like an electric griddle. This allows you to do something like sautéing peppers and onions, while you use the grates to prepare the meat for grilled fajitas.

Underneath the primary grill grate, there is a large collection bowl to catch drippings, without fear of an overflow. The base stand includes a 360-degree turning condiment tray with cup holders, which allows you to keep the seasonings and other things you need with you at the grill. If you would like the grill can be easily detached, allowing you to use the grill on an indoor tabletop.

Construction & Ease of Assembly

Some electric grills in this class can have a few tricks to assembling them and the directions often read like they have been translated into Japanese and back into English again. Giantex took extra care in making sure their instructions were easy to read, which makes it much easier to assemble the KC42178 1350W Electric BBQ Grill. All told you should be able to assemble this grill in less than an hour.

For the most part, the Giantex KC42178 1350W Electric BBQ Grill uses quality parts and components. The metal hood and large internal collection bowl are a nice touch. The base is surprisingly stable, which isn’t always the case with a detachable electric grill. Just watch out for the five-foot-wide bottom when you are grilling. Just keep your eyes out for it when you are grilling as it has a knack for stubbing your toes causing you to jostle the grill.

Grilling Performance

The Giantex KC42178 Electric BBQ Grill draws 1350 Watts of power, which is enough to sear meats the way you like it. It can also be turned down to handle low heat applications. Just be sure to give it three minutes to come up to the lowest heat setting and a solid five minutes to come up to the highest temperature.

The built-in electric griddle can be both good and bad depending on how you want to use the grill. If you just want to mark a bunch of brats for the guys when you are hosting a watch party for the big game, it kind of takes away grilling space. If you want to make fajitas, then sautéing the vegetables at the grill is really nice. The same goes for other sides like home fries, asparagus, and even crispy hash browns.

One word of caution is the wide base at the bottom. True it provides some nice stability to the single pole stand, but if you’re a little bit clumsy and you accidentally stub your toe into the base it can make for quite a grilling cataclysm. Especially with the internal collection bowl, and the slightly shallow cup holder on the condiment tray.

Being able to detach the grill from the base is a nice touch. It allows you to use the grill entirely as an indoor unit. Just keep in mind that if you’re grilling something with a lot of grease or marinade, it might smoke enough to trip smoke detector.

Grilling Areas

The 16.5-inch diameter grill grate provides you with 213 square inches of grilling space.

Special Features

The condiment tray built into the pole of the base is a nice touch, but the cup holder is a little on the shallow side.

The deep collection bowl allows can catch all the grease and runoff that happens even in a long grilling session.

Ease to Clean

The Giantex KC42178 1350W Electric BBQ Grill is relatively easy to clean. Just let it cool all the way down before handling. The internal collection bowl makes it easy to pour excess grease and runoff away. The nonstick grilling surface can usually just be wiped down. If necessary, you can wash it with soapy water.

Just be careful to use non-abrasive sponges and silicone coated tools when you use or clean the grill grates. The last thing you want to do is scratch or damage the non-stick surface.


If you need a quality electric grill that you can use indoors and out, then it’s hard to look past the Giantex KC42178. The detachable top lets it live indoors on your kitchen counter, or take up prime real estate on your deck. Just be careful not to bump the feet of the base and take care not to scratch the non-stick grill grates.

8 Total Score
Nice Indoor Or Outdoor Electric Grill

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Large internal collection bowl
  • Built-in griddle space for sides
  • Integrated condiment tray on the base
  • Easy to read instruction and assembly
  • The bottom of the base is easily bumped
  • Griddle might not always be used
  • Shallow cupholders
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