Fleming Sales RVAD650 Stainless Steel RV Sidekick Grill Review

Fleming Sales RVAD650 Stainless Steel RV Sidekick Grill Review
Fleming Sales RVAD650 Stainless Steel RV Sidekick Grill Review
Locks firmly on an RV mountain rail
Base converts to a portable stand
Large 270 Square inch primary grill grate
Only weighs 23 pounds

A quick-connect gas grill that fits snuggle on an RV mounting rail can be a thing of beauty for camping enthusiasts and boaters. Fleming Sales has long been aware of this niche and offers a variety of grills, some of which are paired with certain motorhome and travel trailer brands. Yet they also sell aftermarket RV grills like the RVAD 650 Sidekick Grill.

It’s made largely from commercial grade stainless steel, with a stainless still grill. The single ribbon propane element produces a reasonable 11,000 BTUs per hour.

The base is designed to lock firmly onto an RV mountain rail. Yet it can also be adapted into a portable grill base for the times when you want to take the flame with you. It only weighs 23 pounds which also makes it convenient to carry and store away.

It comes set up with quick-connect adaptors for a gas cylinder, and there is also an adapter available as an accessory which will allow you to run it off a simple one-pound DOT 39 propane cylinder.

Construction & Ease of Assembly

Like a lot of small propane portable grills, there are some questions about the build quality. The stainless steel is a little bit thinner than you might expect, which can be an issue if it’s overly cold or blustery outside.

The quick-connect gas hookups are a nice touch. It would have been nice if the 1-pound adaptor was included in the initial purchase, instead of as an accessory. Still, it’s a small price to pay to be able to then take the RV grill with you for something like a day hike.

The size and position of the warming rack can be a little bit of an issue depending on what you want to use the grill for. It’s permanently mounted in place and can get in the way. It would be nice if it was removable for those times when you simply don’t want a rack or want to grill something taller than a bratwurst.

Assembly is a little bit more complicated than you might expect with a small gas grill. Though this is largely related to the versatile base, and not the grill itself.

Grilling Performance

The single ribbon propane element can take a little getting used it. It essentially creates one strong hot area and then a cooler front and rear. This means you need to move and flip food more often to make sure it is cooked evenly.

The permanently affixed warming rack makes this harder than necessary. There is more than one rumor of someone using a keyhole hacksaw to simply cut the small warming rack off. Should you choose to go this route you shouldn’t have a problem moving the meat around the heat.

The RVAD650 Sidekick Grill’s burner elements and components aren’t necessarily set up to handle a true “Low-Pressure” propane system as you might find on a Class B or Class C motorhome. It really is meant to connect directly to a pressurized liquid propane tank. It will still work on a low-pressure system, but you might find the flame to be a little on the weak side. This type of fuel pressure will rob it of a couple of thousand BTUs of heat.

It’s likely worth the time and small amount of money to simply buy the 1-pound adapter, and simply use it hooked to a DOT 39 propane canister. You can usually find a four-pack of them for relatively cheap and a single canister should last for five to seven grilling sessions.

Grilling Areas

The RVAD650 Sidekick Grill has 270 square inches of primary grill grate space, which is more than some and just about on par with other portable RV gas grills. The warming rack is small at only 66 square inches and can get in the way of the primary grate from time to time.

Special Features

The base can be used to mount directly to an RV rail quickly and easily, while also being able to convert into a stand to hold the grill when you want to use it on the go.

Ease to Clean

Like a lot of small gas grills, the RVAD650 Sidekick Grill doesn’t have a lot of real estate to clean. You will still need to scrape down the grates and wipe away any stray grease.


The RVAD650 Sidekick Grill comes with a 90-day warranty, which is a little less than most other portable gas grills in this price point. However, if the grill comes as part of the standard package with your motorhome or travel trailer, it may likely be included in the RV’s warranty package.


The RVAD650 Sidekick Grill gives you the versatility to mount it on your RV when you want to grill at the RV park or campsite. Yet you can also take it with you on a versatile mounted stand. Just keep in mind that it will need an accessory adapter to be able to handle a DOT 39 one-pound gas canister.

The 270 square inch grill grate is bigger than a lot of other grills in this niche. However, the 66 square inch warming rack is small and often gets in the way. The single ribbon flame element does mean it cooked unevenly, but with some basic tending, it’s pretty much a non-factor.

If you need to grill for more than just you and your significant other, on an RV vacation this grill has the size you need. You will just need to look the other way with some of its foibles. If you are considering an RV that comes with it, you certainly won’t have to replace it.


7.5 Total Score
RV Compatible Gas Grill

  • Locks firmly on an RV mountain rail
  • Base converts to a portable stand
  • Large 270 Square inch primary grill grate
  • Only weighs 23 pounds
  • Only backed by an inferior 90-day warranty
  • Small warming rack can get in the way
  • Single ribbon heating element cooks unevenly
  • Produces better flame connected directly to a tank
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