Everdure HBCE3BUS HUB II by Heston Blumenthal 54″ Charcoal Grill w/ Rotisserie Review

Everdure HBCE3BUS HUB II by Heston Blumenthal 54″ Charcoal Grill w/ Rotisserie Review
Everdure HBCE3BUS HUB II by Heston Blumenthal 54″ Charcoal Grill w/ Rotisserie Review
Robust rotisserie holds up to 85-pounds
Copious storage
Commercial-grade materials and engineering
Porcelain-coated firebox
Easy cleanup
Great warranty coverage
One-touch button ignition system

Heston Blumenthal is one of the biggest British and European celebrity chefs who made his name with incredibly popular high-end restaurants like the Fat Duck. So, you know when he puts his name on a product that you’re going to see nothing less than impeccable build quality, material selection, and thoughtful engineering.

You see this idea show up with the Everdure HBCE3BUS HUB II with its high-end use of professional-grade materials, as well as the engineering to combine the convenience of a gas ignition system with the smoke and flavor of charcoal. All this with the press of a single button on the digital control. A carefully distributed gas flame then ignites the charcoal of your choice. The HUB II was intended to use jumbo lump charcoal for this, but briquettes and even chunks of smoking woods like hickory, apple, oak, and mesquite are also in play.

At first glance, you might think that the Everdure HUB II is meant to just be a direct flame grill. Yet if you give it a closer look I think you’ll be surprised at just how versatile this outdoor charcoal grill can be.

The thing that stands out immediately is the robust rotisserie with its special Rotoscope Technology. It’s made from commercial grade aluminum and has a 59-inch retractable power cord.

The rotisserie has the hardware to hold two broiler-fryer chickens at a time. Though it’s not just limited to small poultry like a lot of other charcoal rotisseries. The electric motor, spit jack and other rotisserie hardware translate into a maximum capacity weight of up to 85-pounds. This means you can truly work with things like ducks, turkey, leg of lamb, tacos el pastor, and even a medium to large suckling pig!

There’s also a lot of thoughtful storage engineered into the Everdure HUB II. It has a pair of double-lined cabinet doors to hold grilling tools and premium charcoal. There’s also a slide-out storage drawer which is meant to hold the aluminum rotisserie components.

Construction & Ease of Assembly

Everything about the Everdure HUB II speaks to high-end build quality. Every component and fastener is made from commercial-grade steel or aluminum. A lot of thoughtful engineering principles were then deployed to make sure that this grill lives up to its reputation, price tag, and the name of the celebrity chef who endorses it. Even the 59-inch power cord for the electric rotisserie motor is retractable.

Assembly is astonishingly easy. Everdure put a lot of effort into making the HUB II assembly instructions easy to read. There are even a few videos online to help you along the way. Just keep in mind that this innovative charcoal grill still tips the scales at over 160-pounds and it’s 54 inches long. So, it’s exactly the sort of thing you need to dragoon a friend or significant other to help you put together. With a capable pair of hands, you should be able to get the Everdure HUB II fully assembled in a little over an hour.

Grilling Performance

The Everdure HUB II has an innovative ignition system. You simply load in the desired amount of premium charcoal or smoking woods, then press a button on the digital control center. Ten minutes later you should have a consistent fire without the messy hassle and odors of lighter fluid or the sparks of a charcoal chimney.

Right off the bat, the direct heat of the Everdure HUB II speaks to searing off chops and steaks. Though it also seems to beg you to try more exotic things like traditional Middle Eastern Kebabs and Japanese yakitori. Though it’s also just as much at home grilling up hamburger patties and hot dogs for a simple Tuesday night supper.

The rotisserie is another area where the Everdure HUB II truly separates itself from most of its competitors. With a lot of rotisserie grills, you’re limited to an average broiler-fryer chicken, and even then some electric motors struggle to turn it consistently.

With the Everdure HUB II you get a strong electric spit jack motor, with commercial-grade aluminum and robust engineering. This translates into a maximum capacity of up to 85-pounds for sucking pigs, turkey, and ducks. You can even adjust the height of the rotisserie to fit the meat and application you need.

Grilling Areas

The primary grill grates are made from commercial grade stainless steel which is easy to move for reloading charcoal. All told it provides up to 200 square inches of grilling space. The rotisserie can accommodate up to 85 pounds of meat without overburdening the electric motor.

Special Features

The push-button ignition system is a convenient way to fire up the charcoal without needing to use lighter fluid or a charcoal chimney.

The large rotisserie with its robust spit jack motor can hold up to 85-pounds of meat at a time.

The grill grates swing open to let you easily reload more charcoal for long grilling sessions and cooking demonstrations.

Ease to Clean

Cleanup is easy with the Everdure HUB II. The charcoal tray can be quickly removed for disposal and cleaning. Just make it a point to scrape down the thick stainless steel grill grates with a nylon bristle grill brush to avoid scuffing them.

The firebox is also porcelain-coated to prevent corrosion. It also makes it easy to release any stuck-on dripping or caramelized marinade.


The Everdure HUB II comes with an impressive 10-year warranty on most of the parts. Though the paint only carries 5 years of warranty coverage.


The Everdure HUB II is a truly high-end grill and rotisserie that opens up a world of exotic options as well as the ability to cook your daily fare. The fact that the manufacturer backs it with a great warranty, and Heston Blumenthal puts his name on it speaks to the build quality and versatility.

If there is a complaint to be made, it’s that it doesn’t come with any special charcoal management tools or a cover included in the purchase. There’s also no formal lid, so you can’t hold in the heat to improvise it for slow and low grilling.


9.5 Total Score
High Quality charcoal grill with rotisserie

  • Robust rotisserie holds up to 85-pounds
  • Copious storage
  • Commercial-grade materials and engineering
  • Porcelain-coated firebox
  • Easy cleanup
  • Great warranty coverage
  • One-touch button ignition system
  • Need two people to assemble
  • Grill tools not included
  • Cover not included
  • No traditional lid
User Rating: 3.5 (2 votes)
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