Charotis SSGC1-XL 62″ Propane / Charcoal Spit Roaster Review

Charotis SSGC1-XL 62″ Propane / Charcoal Spit Roaster Review
Charotis SSGC1-XL 62″ Propane / Charcoal Spit Roaster Review
Lifetime warranty
Two 50,000 BTU propane burners
Can also use charcoal and smoking woods
62-inch spit roaster at 4 RPMs
Comes with custom cover

Rotisserie spit roasters are in high demand. Yet many don’t have the motor, or internal space to truly accommodate an animal large than a suckling pig. You could spend a lot of time scouring through manufacturers for test ratings, or you could turn to the Charotis SSGC1-XL 62″ Propane/Charcoal Spit Roaster.

It was specifically designed with a spit capable of handing up to a 200-pound animal. This capacity spit and the 60-Watt electric motor that drives it puts a modest-sized whole hog, goat, or multiple turkeys in range.

It’s built exclusively from stainless steel, most of which is commercial kitchen grade 304 stainless. It also comes with a custom cover to protect it from the elements when not in use as well as a pair of heat resistant barbecue gloves.

The lid has an accurate thermometer built into the stainless steel shroud. Inside you will also find a pair of 50,000 BTU propane burner elements.

This spit roaster is capable of burning propane or charcoal. However, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend using both at the same time.

Construction & Ease of Assembly

The largely 304 stainless steel commercial grade construction gives the Chartois SSGC1-XL Spit Roaster an impressive gleam, as well as the quality materials you need for it to last for years to come. What really matters the most in its overall functionality is the 60 Watt electric motor which is rated to turn at up to 4 RPMs. If you were to step down to a 40-Watt electric spit-jack motor, you would likely see a major decrease in the weight capacity it could turn.

If you’ve ever had a stainless steel outdoor appliance before, you’ve likely noticed that even the highest grades of metal can still gradually succumb to the effects of the elements. This can lead to tarnishing and possible corrosion issues. Chartois steps up to the plate by providing you with a custom cover meant to protect your investment from the long-term effects of rain. Still, it’s a good idea to keep it stored indoors when not in use.

As you might imagine assembly is going to be a little bit of a chore with a spit roaster this large. It’s not the sort of thing you are just going to tuck under your arm to spend a Saturday afternoon tinkering. Ideally, you want to recruit two other people who can hold components in place while you tighten fasters and handle the finer points of the install.

Grilling Performance

Technically this spit roaster and 60 Watt electric motor are rated to turn up to 200 pounds of meat at 4 revolutions per minute. Chances are these specifications that were developed under ideal laboratory conditions by men in white coats.

In the real world, it might be a challenge to perfectly balance and attach the animal to the spit roaster in a way that lets you maximize its capacity. Especially if you are new to this type of outdoor cooking.

It’s probably best to start out with smaller things that weigh in around 100 pounds first to really get a feel for how to use this roaster best. Once you get your eye in and gain some confidence in execution you can eventually graduate up to a large cochone or a small whole hog.

Something else to bear in mind with this spit roaster is that while it can burn either propane or charcoal, the manufacturer warns that you should not use both at the same time.

There are a few ways to address this. If you just want consistent heating you can set it up to run on propane. Just keep an eye on the flame to make sure that the heat is fully oxidizing all the hydrocarbons. With a very low flame, not all the propane might be burned which over the course of a long cooking session could impart a slight chemical flavor. Ideally, you want the flame ports to produce a deep blue flame with little to now yellow.

The charcoal will, of course, impart more smoky flavors. Yet it also tends to make heat control challenging. If you are going to exclusively use charcoal, it’s best to start with briquettes. Then add chunks of smoking woods that have been soaked overnight in water. This will reduce any potential flareups.

Grilling Areas

The spit roaster itself measures in at 62-inches long. With careful attachment, you should be able to around 57 to 58 inches of it as a rotisserie. There are also grids that you can use the spit to do some traditional grilling.

Special Features

The 62-inch spit with it’s 60 Watt electric motor is the prime draw for this stainless steel roaster.

Ease to Clean

If you line the bottom trays with heavy-duty aluminum foil, and you roast your meat exclusively over the propane flame, the Chartois is relatively easy to clean. If you take to charcoal or you use a more than a modest amount of smoking woods with the propane burner, you might end up having to deal with a lot of ash and partially burned embers. This will inevitably increase the cleanup time, which is the price of adding the smoky fire-kissed flavors that so many people love.

You also need to get in the habit of covering it with the custom grill cover and storing it away safely to prevent any exterior tarnishing. A seasonal wipe down with a specially formulated stainless steel cleaner would also be a good idea.


Chartois backs their SSGC1-XL 62″ Propane and Charcoal Spit Roaster with a limited lifetime warranty. This is best in class when held up to the nearest competitors.


The Chartois SSGC1-XL 62″ Propane and Charcoal Spit Roaster is in that rare class of outdoor cookers that can truly handle something larger than a suckling pig. The more time you spend getting to know it, the more creative options you’ll come up with.

Just make sure to properly take care of the stainless steel, and try not to use propane and charcoal at the same time.

7.5 Total Score
Whole hog spit roaster

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Two 50,000 BTU propane burners
  • Can also use charcoal and smoking woods
  • 62-inch spit roaster at 4 RPMs
  • Comes with custom cover
  • Can’t use gas and charcoal together
  • Stainless steel needs to be properly maintained
  • Heavy assembly
  • Takes up a lot of storage space
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