Bull Outdoor Products 47628 Angus Drop-in BBQ Grill Review

Bull Outdoor Products 47628 Angus Drop-in BBQ Grill Review
Bull Outdoor Products 47628 Angus Drop-in BBQ Grill Review
CSA certified
Includes a counterweight rotisserie
Designed for even heat distribution
Lifetime warranty on burners, grates, and firebox
Comes nearly fully assembled

For some people gifted with the outdoor grilling gene designing or renovating their own outdoor kitchen grilling station is an experience of joy one step removed from holding their child for the first time. This is often an exciting time, rife with grill comparisons.

If this sounds like you, then the Bull Outdoor Products 47628 Angus might be on your radar. It’s technically the middle of Bull Product’s gas grill line. However, all the other units that are above it are geared more towards restaurants and bars. When it comes to home grills and outdoor cooking stations, the Angus is the most applicable top or their line to consider.

It’s made largely from commercial grade 304 stainless steel. The hood is double lined for improved heat efficiency. It includes two lights for those times when you need to cook outdoors after dark.

The massive grill grates and four stainless steel firebox burners are designed to provide even heat distribution. Bull even makes it a point to note how they invested extra research into backing this up in their design. To that end, it is also certified safe by the CSA.

The Bull Products Angus also has a rear propane burner. It is designed to work in conjunction with the rotisserie with counterweight, which is included in the purchase.

Construction & Ease of Assembly

The majority of the Angus is made from 16-gauge, commercial grade 304 stainless steel. It is CSA certified and designed for even heat distribution. Bull also includes a rotisserie with counterweight in the purchase, as well as the propane hose and regulator. For homes with a natural gas hook, a conversion kit is available.

All these things stand as a solid testament to Bull’s dedication to quality.

One minor knock on the Angus is that while the two lights work well when they burn out there are very difficult to replace. You can hedge your bets on this by making sure to always turn the lights off when they are not in use.

When it comes to assembly, Bull Products recognizes that installation itself is already a challenge. To that end, they ship the Angus nearly fully assembled. They do offer a very affordable expert assembly service, but it’s not necessary. You should be able to put the Angus together in under half an hour.

Grilling Performance

It’s worth noting that the Bull Outdoor Products 47628 Angus comes with a rotisserie included in the price and it includes a counterweight. This isn’t something you find with about half of the competition. Even those who do provide a rotisserie, don’t always provide a counterweight or an accessory that is meant to handle a counterweight.

You see when you are rotisserie cooking a uniform piece of meat, like say a beef roast, there’s little difference in composition and weight. The spit-jack motor just keeps turning and the meat revolves right along in perfect timing.

When you go to rotisserie cook a whole chicken, the breasts are bigger than the thigh, and the back has far less meat. This can cause the spit to move faster when turning the breast side down. Then on the upswing, the electric motor can lag as it tries to lift the heavy portion of the bird back up. Attaching a counterweight solves this problem on both sides of the cycle, providing you with a more uniformly done bird.

The stainless steel rod construction of the cooking grates is another little step above the competition. This maximizes the heat retention for a better sear, and also makes them easier to scrape down when you clean up. Just make sure to give the grill a solid 10 minutes to preheat, so the grates can properly absorb the heat.

Each of the four stainless steel propane burners produces a blazing 15,000 BTUs of heat, for a grand total of 60,000 BTUs. Their layout and design with the grill grates and flame tamers also improves heat distribution. The rear rotisserie burner also produces 15,000 BTUs to efficiently roast chickens and roasts.

Grilling Areas

The main grate provides an enormous 810 square inches of grilling space. The warming rack also measures in at 210 square inches. This gives you a grand total of 1020 square inches of prep room in your outdoor grilling station.

The spit on the rotisserie is big enough to handle a broiler-fryer chicken, a single deboned leg of lamb, or a beefy chateaubriand. With careful placement, you might be able to get three Cornish game hens or a single large duck on the spit.

Special Features

The two lights under the hood are nice for those times when you want to grill out after sunset. Just remember to turn them off every time to save them from burning out.

The back burner with counterweight rotisserie included in the purchase is also nice and not something you find with all the competition.

Ease to Clean

The Angus was designed to be easy to clean. Most drippings that land on the flame tamers simply vaporizes on contact. The grill grates need to be scraped down, which isn’t that bad, as they are nicely spaced.


The Bull Products Angus comes with a lifetime warranty on the burners, and grill grates as well as the firebox. This is a full step and a half better than the competition.

If you are concerned about the other parts and components there are some online retailers who offer affordable protection plans.


The Bull Products Angus is hard to look away from if you are planning your first or upgrading an existing outdoor grill station. The fact that it includes a counterweight rotisserie and a superior warranty also add to the appeal. Being CSA certified also brings some added peace of mind to the equation.

9 Total Score
High Quality Drop-in Gas Grill

  • CSA certified
  • Includes a counterweight rotisserie
  • Designed for even heat distribution
  • Lifetime warranty on burners, grates, and firebox
  • Comes nearly fully assembled
  • Internal lights are difficult to replace
  • Grill grates are a little sticky
  • Warranty doesn’t apply to other components
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)
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