Broilmaster P3SX Super Premium Gas Grill Review

Broilmaster P3SX Super Premium Gas Grill Review
Broilmaster P3SX Super Premium Gas Grill Review
Sourced and made in the United States
45,000 BTUs of natural gas heat
Electric igniter with AA Battery
Smoke shutter for indirect heating

A propane grill that you can mount to a pole, attach to a municipal gas line, or install into a cart, can be as versatile as it is convenient. It’s also not a flooded niche, so there are only a few manufacturers to choose from.

Broilmaster makes an effort to source and manufactures most of its line in the United States. This includes the heavy-duty cast aluminum for the P3SX. If you prefer it can also be mounted on a cart.

The grill features cooking grids that can be set to three different levels. This allows for better control of the relationship between the meat and the flame. There is also a stainless steel smoke shutter that allows for improved heat control and smoke density.

The propane element includes an electric ignition. For what it’s worth the AA battery is included. It’s not a big deal. Still, there are a lot of electric ignition grills that leave the battery out.

Construction & Ease of Assembly

There are some companies who simply favor certain materials over others, and then they stick with it throughout their line as part of their “Brand Identity.” In the case of Broilmaster one of their preferred materials to work with it good, old fashioned cast aluminum, with a little stainless steel thrown in for good measure.

That being said there are a few minor quality issues that verge on being “Shortcuts.” If you opt for their base, it’s a little on the weak side and the caster have a nasty habit of breaking. The hinge on the grill head’s lid can also feel loose at times.

The Broilmaster P3SX is set up to run on propane. However, there is a natural gas conversion kit available through the manufacturer. It will add another half an hour or so to the assembly time.

Assembly isn’t too bad. The instructions could have been drawn up a little better, but it isn’t really something that gets in the way. Another pair of eyes and hands wouldn’t hurt when putting it together. All told you should expect it to take you around an hour to fully assemble.

Grilling Performance

The Broilmaster P3SX runs pretty hot, ringing in at 45,000 BTUs. This is a pretty good amount of heat for the size of the grill head. This is produced by a natural gas bow tie burner that can sometimes leave some inconsistent hot spots.

Despite the 695 square inch grates, you can’t really set the P3SX up for two distinct heat zones. Your best bet it to try to dial down the flame on one side, then raise the grate level over that element to it’s highest setting. This will basically replicate a low heat zone.

The smoke shutter feature is intended to let you grill with indirect heat. It doesn’t really do much if you want to use it as an improvised smoker. As time goes on, heat tends to build up in the metal of the smoke shutter, and it gradually loses some of its indirect effects.

In this configuration, you can manage to pull off some hybrid grilling for bone-in cuts of chicken or lamb. If you want to grill something like a stuffed pork chop, you could set the grill grate to the medium height. Then set up the lowest flame possible.

Stand the chop on its bone end. If it won’t stay stable on its own you can make two large balls of heavy duty aluminum foil to help keep it from tipping over. At that point you can slowly grill it, heating the bone through, to make sure the stuffing in the deepest part of the chop reaches a safe temperature. Once a probe thermometer reads 160, you can gently lay it down to mark the sides and bring it up to an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

Grilling Areas

The Broilmaster P3SX has 695 square inch grill grate, which is made from 304 stainless steel.

Special Features

The ability to set the cooking grates on different height settings is an interesting way to develop different temperature relationships between the meat and the flame.

The electronic ignition system with the AA battery included isn’t really all that special. Still, it’s nice that Broilmaster thought to include it in the purchase.

The smoke shutter is a nice touch. It’s designed to transform the grill for indirect heating methods.

The stainless steel natural gas bowtie burner is what allows this particular grill to use a municipal gas source. You should never attempt to hook it up to propane.

Ease to Clean

The stainless steel grill grates are a little on the sticky side. If you don’t lightly grease the grates before placing the food, you will have to use a little bit of elbow grease to get it clean. There also isn’t much in the way of a drippings pan. However, the flame tamers and the smoke shutter do a pretty good job of vaporizing any runoff. Still, you might want to go a little light on things with a sloppy marinade.


The Broilmaster P3SX comes with a limited lifetime warranty against rusting through, which is what you’d expect for a largely aluminum body and housing. It also carries a five-year warranty on the stainless steel rod cooking grids, an accessory cart, and cart, mounting, as well as the natural gas bowtie burner.


A natural gas grill that can be installed in a variety of ways, including an accessory cart, is a very popular thing these days. With the Broilmaster P3SX there are a few minor quality and design issues that might come into play. Still, it’s a relatively well put together unit with a decent warranty to help give you a full return on your investment.

7 Total Score
Innovative Gas Grill

  • Sourced and made in the United States
  • 45,000 BTUs of natural gas heat
  • Electric igniter with AA Battery
  • Smoke shutter for indirect heating
  • Some minor quality shortcuts
  • Can’t produce dual heat zones
  • Not always consistent heat
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