Breeo Double Flame 24″ Fire Pit w/ Outpost Grill Review

Breeo Double Flame 24″ Fire Pit w/ Outpost Grill Review
9 Total Score
  • Commercial grade stainless steel construction
  • Works as a fire pit and grill
  • Adjustable stainless steel grate
  • It can be used as a portable grill
  • Reburn engineering for significantly less smoke

Outdoor firepits are incredibly popular these days. They let you enjoy the ambiance of a night sitting out around the campfire, without having to actually go stay in a campground. When you’re done, you simply put it out and go to sleep in your own warm, comfy bed.

The problem is most of them are only good for toasty a few marshmallows or perhaps the occasional hot dog on a stick. Beyond that, it’s hard to find a lot of return on investment from a typical home-use firepit.

The Double Flame BREEO 24-inch Smokeless Fire Pit takes these issues and turns them on their ear, by making a fire pit that you can pull double duty as an open-air grill. Then they take it another step further by engineering it to be semi-smokeless.

This is thanks in large part to the innovative reburn system that efficiently feeds the fire at the bottom and then makes the most out of the thermal energy produced via double-thick stainless steel sidewalls that have been designed to draw in extra air. All the while it burns off smoke near the top. Not only is this set up incredibly efficient, but it also reduces ash and the annoying smoke effect that sometimes swirls around fire pits and frustrates neighbors.

When you want to use it for open-air grilling, you simply swing the grill grate on the stainless steel arm and adjust it to the height you want. The heat generated lets you use it for most direct heat grilling applications including hamburger patties, hot dogs, and even things like Steak or pork chops!

Construction & Ease of Assembly

The copious amounts of 304 stainless steel used in the Double Flame BREEO Smokeless Fire Pit are really impressive. Not only does it impart superior rust and corrosion resistance it also gives it the kind of gleam that turns this multi-purpose device into a real conversation starter.

The innovative airflow design is also nice. Just keep in mind that while they do use the word “Smokeless” it’s more like “Reduced Smoke Compared Other Fire Pits.”

Assembly isn’t complicated at all. You should be able to have it fully put together on your own in less than half an hour. It’s also worth noting that Breeo makes this fire pit grill in the United States.

Grilling Performance

Right off the bat, you have to accept that this isn’t the sort of grill that you’re going to do a lot of slow and low cooking or smoking on. There’s simply no lid and the heat dynamics aren’t really set up for that.

The way the grid grate is attached to the pole does allow you to adjust the relationship between the heat and meat. With practice you could use it to do some hybrid grilling. For example, let’s say that you wanted to make some chicken drumsticks. You could set the grate a little higher to warm them through to the bone. Then lower the grate closer to the fire to sear the skin and make grill marks.

The grill grates are also stainless steel, which means they can be sticky. It’s best to lightly grease them with an oil-soaked paper towel before laying down lean cuts.

Grilling Areas

The stainless steel grill grate on the Double Flame BREEO Smokeless Fire Pit provides up to 452 square inches of grilling space. This is comparable to what you would find with a lot of popular kettle grills. It’s easy enough to grill hamburger patties for up to 6 people without crowding the grate.

Special Features

The “Reburn” system engineered into the fire bowl of the Double Flame BREEO Smokeless Fire Pit is something that really stands out from other competitors. It’s not as “Smokeless” as the title claims, but it still produces significantly less smoke than you expect. To the point where you aren’t going to have to move around when the wind changes direction and the neighbors aren’t going to complain.

The engineering of the reburn system also makes for superior thermal efficiency. This translates to less wood, lump, or briquette charcoal burned in a single session.

Ease to Clean

Cleaning is a little bit of a challenge with the Double Flame BREEO Smokeless Fire Pit. This is due to the expanded metal shape of the grill grates, which makes it hard to scrape down in straight lines. Instead it might be helpful to buy a grill brush with a circular brush head. You might want to also give preference to nylon bristles, which will scuff the stainless steel less than wire bristles.

Drippings can also be a challenge, as there isn’t a formal grease tray or pan. So, it’s a good idea to limit things like dripping excess marinades or greasy cuts of meat.


The Double Flame BREEO Smokeless Fire Pit is backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. This is pretty much spot on what you want to see at this price point.


The Double Flame BREEO Smokeless 24-inch Fire Pit has an impressive stainless steel gleam that makes it look good whether you are sitting out on your deck or snuggling around a campsite. The reburn engineering in the base truly does reduce the smoke. Still, you shouldn’t expect it to be 100% smokeless.

When you want to use it as an outdoor grill, you simply install the stalk with a grill grate, or turn the grate over the fire and set it to the height you want. It will work great for chicken, steaks, burgers, and brats. Just don’t expect to do any slow and low grilling over it.

9 Total Score
A Portable Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit And Grill In One

  • Commercial grade stainless steel construction
  • Works as a fire pit and grill
  • Adjustable stainless steel grate
  • It can be used as a portable grill
  • Reburn engineering for significantly less smoke
  • It can’t do slow and low
  • No formal lid
  • Grates are hard to clean
  • No drippings tray
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