Blaze BLZ-3-LP-BLZ-3-CART 25″ Propane Grill Review

Blaze BLZ-3-LP-BLZ-3-CART 25″ Propane Grill Review
Blaze BLZ-3-LP-BLZ-3-CART 25″ Propane Grill Review
Quality materials and a comfortable price
Lifetime limited warranty
Able to create two heat zones

A freestanding propane grill or natural gas grill sitting on your deck can inspire even the most casual cook to plunge headfirst into the exciting world of outdoor grilling. Of course, finding the right grill, that is just the right size, yet also fits into your budget can be a challenge, for experienced backyards chefs and novices.

The Blaze 25-inch Propane Grill BLZ3 was designed to be compact, yet versatile, while also providing high-quality for the price. It is made almost entirely from commercial grade 304 stainless steel. This gives is a gleam that is sure to turn heads at your next cookout, while also being durable enough to stand the test of time. Blaze even backs up the quality of the BLZ3 with an impressive lifetime limited warranty!

It features three stainless steel propane burners. Each is capable of producing 14,000 BTUs of heat. They also include built-in flame tamers, which keep drippings from clogging any of the flame ports. The flame tamers also help vaporize drippings and marinade runoff to replicate a beautiful flame-kissed aroma.

The Blaze BLZ3 also has a built-in jet fire ignition system. This allows you to conveniently fire up the grill without having to fiddle around with matches or a fickle stick lighter.

Construction & Ease of Assembly

The BLZ3 is made almost entirely from commercial grade 304 stainless steel. This type of steel is blended with small amounts of nickel and chromium. The end result is a metal that has a sleek look and shine, while also the kind of corrosion and rust resistance to last for years on end.

Blaze is a relative newcomer to the world of outdoor cooking appliances. They are made in China but designed in the United States. This allows them to keep their manufacturing costs low, while also making sure everything is designed to American standards and specifications. Blaze works hard to build a reputation for quality throughout their line. This includes backing the BLZ3 with a best in class lifetime limited warranty.

Unfortunately, one area where they fell short was in the printed directions. At first glance, you get the feeling that an American engineer called someone in China and just started describing what the instructions should look like over the phone. Blaze seemed to catch on to this foible, and they now offer a much easier to read version of the instruction on their website.

With the online instructions, you should be able to assemble the BLZ3 in about two and a half to three hours. With the standard printed instructions, you might want to clear your entire Saturday afternoon. There are some online retailers who offer an affordable “Expert Assembly” service for a small additional fee.

Grilling Performance

The Blaze BLZ3 is one of the smaller freestanding gas grills in their line. It sits in that sweet spot for someone who needs to grill for a family of four. It has a relatively small footprint on the deck or patio to also helps save space.

Even though it is smaller than other members of its line, you shouldn’t give in to the notion that it’s too small. The 417 square inch grill grates are more than enough room to grill brats and burger patties for up to 10 guests. At the same time, it can handle steaks and pork chops for a family of four. There’s even enough room under the lid to make two beer can chickens.

The larger members of the Blaze line come with a rear infrared burner that is meant to work with a rotisserie. While the BLZ doesn’t have these features, you can still set up its three burners to create dual heat zones.

You can also use it to make things like a flank Steak roulade, butterflied chicken, a chateaubriand, or even a stuffed leg of lamb. To do this you simply set the first and third burners on medium heat, while leaving the central second burner off. Place the meat in the middle and let the indirect heat cook it through. When it reaches the ideal internal doneness, you simply roll it over the direct flames to mark it before serving.

A windy day can expose a particular flaw with this grill. The side at faces the breeze tends to make the front cool, and cause the heat to pool at the back. This is something that’s somewhat common in smaller, freestanding grills. If it is going to be a particularly windy day, you might want to just unlock the caster wheels and turn the grill a little to put the back of the unit to the prevailing wind.

Grilling Areas

The primary cooking grate measures in at 417 square inches. The warming rack is a little on the small side, but still capable of holding hot dogs, brats, and even a rack of ribs that might get done early.

Special Features

The integrated flame tamers spare you some potential clean up time from a clogged flame port. They also vaporize excess drippings for added smoky flavor and aroma.

Ease to Clean

The BLZ3 is relatively easy to clean. The stainless steel grates are a little on the sticky side. If you lightly grease them before placing a lean cut of meat it can spare you some of the elbow grease of scraping away stuck-on bits.

The grease/drippings management system built into the Blaze BLZ3 is really well designed. Excess drippings naturally flow to the drain port, and down to the drippings pan, which is very easy to pull out.


Blaze Grills makes a statement about the quality of their design and materials by backing the BLZ with an impressive lifetime limited warranty. This assumes responsible use, and to activate it you must register it within 30 days of the initial purchase!


If you are looking for a small-footprint grill to grill for a family of four, or host an occasional group meal, the BLZ3 is worth a good, hard look. The commercial grade 304 stainless steel and the backing of a lifetime warranty say that Blaze built the BLZ3 to give you a return on your investment and then some.


8.5 Total Score
Great Entry Level Gas Grill With Quality Components And Warranty

  • Quality materials and a comfortable price
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Able to create two heat zones
  • Wind can cause hot and cold spots
  • Hard to read printed instructions
  • Can’t accommodate a rotisserie
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