Best Grilling Gifts For Dad

Chances are you might look at your Dad and think he’s the kind of guy who has everything. This has prompted many to pick out a new tie, or perhaps a daring new brand of cologne on Father’s day, birthdays, and holiday presents.

Yet did you know that for Fathers who also style themselves as back yard chefs, there are a staggering number of gift options available in the form of grilling accessories and gadgets. Some are high-value items that are sure to draw and “Ooh-and-Awe” while others might seem mundane, or even those on a budget, yet secretly come in handy when Dad mans the grill.

If you are struggling to think of a gift to give your Father the following options might just be a great fit for your shopping list.

Grill Tools

Grill tools are a great gift idea for just about any backyard chef. Don’t believe me. Take a moment, casually sneak out to the grill. Chances are the tools Dad is using out there are outdated. Even if they look like they’re in good working order, there’s a good chance the grill brush might look like something out of a horror film about the dangers of cross-contamination.

Replacement Grill Brushes

When it comes to replacing just a single grill brush, it’s important to keep in mind that not all are created equal. Simple metal bristle grill brushes are the most common. However, they are also the most likely to gunk up. That’s why they make so many with replacement heads. They also have the potential to scratch things like stainless steel making the family grill grates extra sticky and prone to corrosion.

Spiral grill brushes with metal bristles tend to resist leftover grease and gunk from caramelized marinades. If your Dad’s grill is relatively new, or the grates still look like they are in relatively pristine condition, then a grill brush with nylon bristles might be the better way to go. This type of grill brush is far less likely to scrape a grill grate’s finish.

Meat Temperature Probes For The Grill

There are some types of meat like hamburger patties and smoked bratwursts where you simply cook them all the way through until they are well done. Yet, when you really sit down and think about it there are a lot of pieces of meat where the internal temperature is important.

For a Steak, as little as 10 to 12 degrees can make the difference between a beautiful, succulent medium-rare and a dried out medium-well. In the case of something like a bone-in piece of chicken or a stuffed pork chop internal temperature also plays a critical role in making sure its safe to eat.

Cutting Boards For Grilling

Unless your family is working with single cuts of meat, chances are your grill master is going to need a cutting board. If for nothing else than to serve as a large working platter to carry food from the kitchen to the grill and back again.

Yet there are some pieces of meat, like chicken, that can carry bacteria on the surface. When you cut into them and the knife contacts a cheap wood cutting board that bacteria can impregnate the affected surface so deeply that a quick rinse and dry won’t kill it. When the grill master puts the cooked meat back on the cutting board after it’s cooked, some of that bacteria can then hitch a ride to the dinner table.

This threat of “Cross Contamination” is even more likely to be a problem with softer wood cutting boards and older cutting boards that show wear and tear on the surface. Fortunately, kitchen supply manufacturers are aware of these issues and provide a wide range of cutting boards with the characteristics to handle life near the grill.

Specialty Items And Equipment

Now maybe Dear Old Dad is the kind of guy who thinks of all these nuts and bolts grilling items and he’s well-stocked. It’s not unheard of. Yet, there are still some specialty dish items that he might not have in his arsenal.

The Beer Can Chicken Stand

Beer can chicken is a fun little dish that’s growing in popularity year after year. It usually involves standing a full broiler-fryer chicken up with a beer can shoved inside of it. Add some spices, and the beer simmers adding moisture and flavor to what can sometimes be a dry type of meat.

Unfortunately, with a lot of these improvised setups, the grill master is assaulted by the frustration of a bird that keeps tipping over. Which then spills beer onto the flames causing a mess and other complications. This happens so often that many grill accessory manufacturers now offer their own take on the beer can chicken stand or holder.

A Sauce Pot With Basting Brush

If your family grill master likes to work with basting sauces like sticky Kansas City-style barbecue sauce, teriyaki, buffalo, or garlic butter, then they frequently need to keep that sauce close at hand. Many of these sauces do better when they are tempered or warmed near or on the heat.

Wood Chip Box

Many grill masters love to add a little extra smoke to the foods they cook. Especially, if they have a gas or electric grill which is clean, convenient, and efficient. Yet these grills don’t always impart the fire-kissed smoky flavors that charcoal grill purists love to hold on high. To answer this many grill accessory manufacturers offer perforated metal boxes to hold wood chips. They often sit over to the side and give off a pleasant smoke, while also containing any ashen mess.

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