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It’s an unfortunate reality in the world of grilling that grates are going to need to be scraped down. Sticky pieces of meat, grease, caramelized marinade, and burned-on seasonings don’t just look and taste bad, they can also cause gradual corrosion issues with your grill grates. You might have even suffered through some cheap grill brushes in the past with gunk clogging the bristles or damaged your grill grates with every scrape.

Grill Brushes With A Replaceable Head

Some inexpensive grill brushes have replaceable heads. They might even come in a kit with a spare. You simply back out a screw or simply pop it out of its bracket, and you have a new grill brush ready for some serious scraping.

The Best Inexpensive Grill Brushes With A Replaceable Head

The Benefits Of A Nylon Bristle Grill Brush

You might have even noticed how wire bristles can gunk up in the blink of an eye. Some can even damage your grill grates. In fact, stainless steel and chrome-plated grill grates that are scuffed by steel bristles can become increasingly sticky and corroded.

Even though the stainless steel itself doesn’t rust, microscopic steel particles from the grill brush can become embedded in the grade rods themselves. The next time you lay your meat on the grill that rust transfers onto the food you eat.

The way around this is to use a grill brush with stiff nylon bristles. Not only will it prevent excess scuffing on stainless steel and chrome-plated grill grates, but many of them are also safe to soak in soapy water.

The Best Nylon Bristle Grill Brushes

The Benefits Of Steel Bristle Grill Brushes

Steel bristled grill brushes are seen by many as the norm. Though they do have a bad reputation for grease and gunk build-up between the bristles. It’s what keeps inexpensive wire-bristle grill brushes with replacement heads so popular. Still, there comes a point where you want to graduate up to a better class of grill brush, or at least one that doesn’t feel like a financial black hole.

Just keep in mind that high-quality steel or wire grill brushes can still damage stainless steel and chrome-plated grill grates. So, they are best reserved for grill grates made from cast iron with a durable non-stick protective enamel coating.

The Best Steel And Wire Bristle Grill Brushes



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