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Electric knives have been a convenient kitchen tool for decades. The best electric knives can be used for shaving down the holiday turkey into thin slices or breaking down the classic Sunday Joint of beef without dulling the blade on the bone.

Though not all electric knives are created equal. A few of the best electric knives even have special features that add to their versatility for doing things like cutting delicate slices of fresh bread.

Which Is Better An Electric Knife Or A Traditional Carving Knife?

There are some people who are a little old fashioned when it comes to their cutlery. In truth, for a lot of people, it’s a matter of personal preference. People who advocate for an electric knife will talk about how it causes much less hand fatigue and makes more consistent slices than a traditional carving knife. Electric knives are also significantly faster as they cut through the forward and backward motion. This also translates into a superior ability to cut delicate things, as you don’t have to apply as much pressure.

What To Look For In An Electric Knife

There are a few key criteria to look for in a good electric knife. This includes things like the sharpness of the blade, the overall ease of use, basic safety features, and the noise the electric motor produces.

The best electric knives need to be able to carefully slice a rotisserie chicken, as well as thinly slice delicate loaves of bread like or super-soft brioche bread. Yet the electric knife still needs to have the power and durability to cut hard cheeses like cheddar.

Easy Cleaning Is Important When Choosing The Best Electric Knife

The ease of assembly also plays a critical role in other ways that go beyond basic safety and handling considerations. An electric knife that is difficult to disassemble and clean can be at very high risk of trapping grease, bacteria, and other cross-contamination debris.

Which Is Better A Corded Or Cordless Electric Knife?

There are some people who will tell you that corded versus a cordless electric knife, is just a matter of personal preference. While there s some truth to this, each has t’s own strengths and weaknesses.

The Pros & Cons Of A Corded Electric Knife

Corded electric knives used to be the only option when t came to electric cutlery. Many used them traditionally today. They give you a fair amount of on-demand power which is nice if you need to cut a lot of hard things like blocs of cheddar cheese, dry-aged meat, or cured sausages like salami.

Though there are certainly people who criticize the often ugly cord. Not only does t look unprofessional at the Thanksgiving table, but the cord can also be a cross-contamination risk. A pleasant family meal can be ruined in a hurry if the dusty cord happens to accidentally touch the roast turkey, chicken, or ham. Not to mention the cord is usually short so you have either carve near an outlet or bring in an even more ugly extension cord to the supper table. Some corded electric knives can also be awkward to clean f the handle gets dirty.

The Best Corded Electric Knives

The Pros & Cons Of A Cordless Electric Knife

Cordless electric knives are quickly taking over this home cooking appliance niche. They tend to be much easier to handle which is important when carving a whole bird for people who like both white and dark meat. They also don’t have the drag produced by a corded electric knife and are arguably easier to clean.

Though cordless electric knives do have some minor drawbacks. Most don’t have the same level of torque and on-demand power that you find with their corded counterparts. Though this isn’t really an issue if you will be asking the cordless electric knife to cut standard meats like chicken, turkey, ham, or a special occasion prime rib. You will only really notice the power difference if you are planning on sawing through a lot of hard cheddar cheeses and cured dry meats.

Of course, all cordless electric knives are going to be battery powered. Most run on alkaline AA, C, or D batteries. Though improvements n battery technology have made lithium-ion batteries increasingly viable. With alkaline batteries, you are going to look at a slightly higher cost of ownership, as you will need to replace them. With a rechargeable electric knife with a lithium-ion battery, you are looking at a higher initial purchase price, but the battery tends to last much longer and won’t need replacing for years to come.

The Best Cordless Electric Knives

Do Accessories Matter?

It’s always nice to get some added extras included in the original purchase. Not only do they add to the overall value of the electric knife, but they can also enhance their versatility. This might include things like a chainmail glove for safety or a small companion cutting board.

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